If you like the world of motorbikes and practice it as an extreme sport, motocross is your solution, and today in we offer you a totally free course where you can explain step by step everything you need to start with this sport, as well as the best tips that can help you to be better at this. Motocross classes for try Motocross with a Motocross course with bike rental included! If you only know how to ride a motorcycle, you can participate in this Motocross course. It involves renting a bike so you can learn the basic driving techniques and enjoy the incredible feeling a bike gives you in the curves and jumps of a motocross track.

In this two-and-a-half-hour clinic, you will learn the technique needed to control a motorcycle on a motocross track. Fixed exercises are carried out on a bench, cones circuits to know the fundamental maneuvers and exits to different points of the course to implement the activities reviewed. It applies to both children and adolescents and adults.

The clinic is developed in a premium circuit where you can live the sport with the best facilities and services, in a safety framework, to enjoy the Motocross and Enduro in full. The resort has facilities and buffet to spend the day enjoying with other motocross lovers, family, and friends. It is well protected, so that the pilots and friends who come, be calm, their bikes safe and their family too.

What is it?

Motocross is a type of motorcycle, considered extreme sport, because it is a discipline full of danger because it is developed in non-asphalted circuits, using the bike to perform large jumps. Participants compete in a race to put themselves in the first place.

In this mode, speed is as important as the ability to control the motorcycle, because this bike has five controls by which one has to have absolute control over them, besides managing it against irregularities of the terrain, (mounds, closed curves, bumps, changes of resented).


It is essential before getting on a motorcycle, controlling the technique, understanding the foundation, and then practicing it. Driving the bike is one of the most important aspects because without this you cannot exercise this sport, because the driving position is fundamental, you have to be part of the bike, and learn to make it sitting, standing and regular.

For beginners, the aim is to program their management scheme from scratch and without errors, and for those who have already practiced this sport on numerous occasions, it is necessary to reprogram their management scheme with the correct technique, that is, to end the mistakes they make when they get on this type of motorcycle.

One of the most common vices that exist among all motocross participants is the tiredness of the arms, so it is essential to use the body well, to balance it, and this is also a part of the training. It’s imperative not to lose contact with the bike.

This activity also demands a lot of resistance and strength on the part of the pilot who practices it.


When practicing this sport, it is essential to wear the appropriate clothing and accessories for it, to be protected from a possible accident.

These are the accessories that every pilot must wear:

  • Coils and knee pads
  • Wear gloves
  • Shirt
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Helmet

We hope that this course has been of great help to you and that you will put into practice what you have learned in your favorite sport.

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