Motocross Sports – History, Facts, News & Biggest Events

Those who are interested in motocross race events always find a way to get the latest news and info on this wonderful sport. So, if you are amongst the motocross race events fans, welcome to Max Clegg. Here, we’ll talk about Racing motocross, events, news and we’ll go over the history as well. After all, the future is just history repeating itself, which is why in order to be great at following motocross race events, you should in essence, be informed of everything that you possibly can.

We are glad to be beside you while we unreel the world of motocross races and everything else regarding this wonderful sport.

When Was Motocross Invented?

Little people know that the first bike was invented in the early 1860s. This is when an innovator named Pierre Michaux installed a steam engine on a velocipede. This was the first and most important root of motocross, although rudimentary.

The evolution of motocross race events began in the spring of 1906 however. This was when the Auto-Cycle Club’s first motorcycle time trials took part. In its essence, these motocross race events were basically bikers competing for their personal times as they rode around the course.

As it is our nature, we strive to find competition in everything, which is why all of the motocross racers enjoyed beating other racers’ times and competing against them.

This is how the motocross race events were invented – there were even awards and titles like “fastest on the track”

You’d be surprised to see that the name motocross for motocross races and events was invented in 1924 – as a combination from the French term for motorcycle “motocyclette” and “cross country”, referring to the terrain of the races.

The Evolution And The Popularity Of Motocross Racing

Motocross races begin being famous after WWII, especially in 1952 when FIM took its place as the “motorcycling’s governing body”, forming the European Championship Series. During this time, the bikes had 500 cc engines, and there was another division created a decade later, which used 250 cc engines.

Thanks to the 2-stroke engines, the motocross racing bikes were agile and light, making this sport significantly easier for bikers. Also, because they were cheaper, more people could afford to take part in it.

Another significant turn that increased the popularity of motocross races was the fact that the bikes started being faster, thus making the events faster.

By the 1960s, Japanese companies like Suzuki got into the motorcycle business making a huge change for its popularity. In the next few years, specifically in 1972, the first motocross race was held in a stadium in Los Angeles.

Today, there are 4 different types of competitions that take the attention of all people from throughout the world:

  • Super Cross Racing
  • Freestyle Racing
  • Big Air Racing
  • Super Moto Racing

The Best Motocross Bikes of All-Time

If you want to get a bike that will suffer through crashes easily and you ending up alive and well, even after uncomfortable falls, there are certain motocross bikes that you should have into consideration. After all, some companies excel at making a top-notch machine, and this is exactly why they have produced some of the best bikes of all time. For instance, we’d name the Honda CRF250X as one of the most diverse bikes on the market.

Also, from Honda, we should give recognition to the Honda CRF230F which is an amazing bike altogether.

Another manufacturer that deserves respect is Yamaha, as it has been producing great bikes for many years now. The best ones on their list are the Yamaha YZ125 and the Yamaha TTR-50.

Last but not least, if you want to go a bit more extreme, we’d suggest the Kawasaki KLX110. Although a bit pricey, it definitely has the features to make it worthy.

The Most Extreme Motocross Race Events

You probably already know that Motocross is one of the most popular sports in the world, which is exactly why people are really happy to watch and cheer on. For instance, some of the most extreme, adrenaline-rushing competitions are The Tough One, the Sea to Sky, the Ukupacha, The Roof of Africa and of course, the New Zealand City Scramble.

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Stefan Everts : 10 times World Champion

One of the most renowned names in the world of Motocross racing is Stefan Everts. He is from Belgium, and although he is retired, he will always be remembered by being the racer who won 10 World Titles. He was recognized because he had a smooth style on the tracks and he surely looked effortless when he rode the bike. A truly unique racer that totally deserves our respect.

His greatest achievements include 101 GP victories in total, 14 out of 15 GPs he won in the 2006 season, and he is the only rider to become World Champion on all four Japanese manufacturers (Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha).