Best Riders

Enjoy the best of the Motor world from the living room. With Orange TV, it’s possible.

Other sports are the new Orange TV channel package. Since July 30, those who have hired Orange TV Cinema and Series and Orange TV football have four new channels: Motorsport. Tv, Fight Sports, Extreme Sports, and Outdoor.

These are four linear channels with a la carte TV which, for a time, will be available free of charge. After that, customers will be able to purchase the package for five euros a month.

The arrival of extra Sports joins the launch of another package of channels such as Premium music. Orange TV wants to offer the most varied and complete programming for all types of viewers.

One of the sports that have a prominent weight in the New new games is motorcycling, which arouses excellent passions all over the world. Every weekend, the competition can concentrate more than 100,000 spectators on the circuit. If we count those who watch this sport on television, viewers multiply by millions.

What are the motorcyclists we can never forget?

  1. Carlo Ubbiali (1929)

One of the first great champions in history. Carlo Ubbiali gave popularity to motorbikes and brought them to the public. He won nine world titles in the 1950s.

  1. Jim Redman (1931)

Redman achieved six world titles in the 350cc and 250cc categories. When Zimbabwe was still called Rhodesia, this sportsman managed to get everyone to talk about his country. Well, although he was born in London, his name was always linked to the African country.

  1. John Surtees (1934-2017)

We would love to be able to watch one of John Surtees ‘ races on Orange TV. The only driver in history capable of winning a motorcycle championship and a Formula One. He first rose with seven world titles in different categories of motorbikes in the 1950s. Then Big John decided to try his luck with cars. A sport you would be world champion in 1964.

  1. Phil Read (1939)

He is one of the few riders to win in the three categories of the world competition. In total, English has seven world titles. His participation in the 1968 World Cup is well remembered. Not only did he win in 125cc, but he also snatched the title from his teammate in 250cc. We talk about one of the great names associated with Yamaha.

  1. Mike Hailwood (1940-1981)

‘Mike the Bike’ made history in the world of motorcycles with records that are now unimaginable. Already in his first season, he got seven hat-tricks. That is, on the same day, in different competitions, three victories or more. He achieved milestones such as being world champion in 250cc and, at the same time, runner-up in 500cc. In total, 76 wins and nine World Championships.

  1. Giacomo Agostini (1942)

For many, the best motorcycle racer in history. His 15 world titles, make him almost unbeatable. Another of his great records is that of victories throughout the World Cup, with a total of 122. One hundred seventeen fast laps and 159 podiums are some of his heart attack figures.

  1. Angel Nieto (1947-2017)

It’s been a year since the death of our grand champion. That winner who won the title 12+1 times, as he liked to say, because of his number 13 phobia. He’s the second most prized motorcycle racer in history. Fundamental for Spanish motorcycling, as it was a pioneer that opened the way for other young riders.

  1. Michael Doohan (1965)

In the 1990s, the world of motorbikes had only one name: Mike Doohan. Not in vain, he achieved his five world titles consecutively. And all this, after he suffered an accident in 1992 in Assen, the Netherlands, where he almost lost his right leg.

  1. Valentino Rossi (1979)

‘Il Dottore’ is one of the most prominent (not to say the most) figures of motorcycling today. More than once, we will hear about him and his charisma on the Motorsport. Tv Orange TV. He has won nine world titles. But, as it continues in the gap, we hope to see it perform many more tasks.

  1. Jorge Lorenzo (1987)

With five world titles, Jorge Lorenzo is one of the most famous active champions in our country. He is the fifth driver in history with the most victories, with 65 races won. The runner is also well known for his wonderful celebrations when he gets first place.